Primark shop online for Everyone

Primark shop online for Everyone


Primark is a well-known chain of retail shops dealing with clothing and various accessories. Primark was originally founded in Ireland. Currently, the stores are located in Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and in the United Kingdom, hosting the most part of stores, the total number of which makes up 159 shops. The number of Primark stores in Ireland totals 38 and they bear the brand name of Penneys. The headquarters of Primark shops are located in Dublin, Ireland. ABF (Associated British Foods), a prominent food processing and retailing company, is a parent company of Primark. Mary Street in Dublin saw the opening of the first Primark store, which took place in June of the year 1969. Later, with the success coming the Primark way, for an obvious reason, four more stores were added to the Primark chain in the Dublin Area. In 1971, Cork saw the opening of the first Primark shop outside Dublin. Within the year, eleven stores were founded in Ireland; Northern Ireland hosted one more store. A little later, having become a quite successful stores chain, it expanded outside Ireland, to the United Kingdom. Derby and Bristol were the cities to host the opening of the first Primark stores in England. Within the next decades, more flagship stores were opened with the expansion outside Ireland and the UK to Spain and some other European countries including Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Germany. The number of all Primark stores in Europe totals 253. Primark also plans on opening a store in Poland. The largest Primark store is located in Manchester, England. The Market Street store embraces retail space of 100,000 sq ft occupying the territory over three floors.

Primark retail stores stock various clothing, ranging from menswear to lingerie. Primark buys goods in bulk, which lets their clothing be available in almost all popular sizes and due to the usage of simple fabric be sold at rather affordable prices. A striking selection of available clothing at prices that absolutely do not bite will definitely suit your taste, even a fastidious one. A vast choice of clothes, starting from formal suits and shoes and finishing with casual jeans, sweatshirts and other products, will help you express your unique style and keep pace with the latest fashion.

Primark shop online

A large variety of menswear is really astonishing. Shirts, sweaters, jumpers, trousers are offered to men in the Primark stores. Whether a formal occasion or a casual look, there is everything a man can find for himself. Various accessories including hats, bags, scarves, etc. will help emphasize your style. If you go in for sports, sports equipment and goods are also available in the stores, whether you are keen on golf or skiing. A choice of footwear is rather striking as well.
A woman, which desires to be dressed according to the latest fashion, should definitely check out a Primark store. There is a big offer of reasonably priced womenswear including various fancy accessories like bracelets, bags, and lingerie that no woman can manage without.
In the children section there is a huge selection of kidswear to make your child look outstanding and keep up with the latest fashion. Whether you are a baby or a mid-adolescent, there is anyway something for you.

To check out the latest Primark collections, you can visit Primark shop online at There you can find tons of photos and pictures that are provided with specific information and prices that will help you choose something to your liking.
All of the company’s products are made exclusively for Primark. Within menswear and womenswear brands there is one major brand supplying most of the merchandise along with some other suppliers. In menswear you can find such brands as Denim Co., Cedarwood State, Butler & Webb. Ladieswear offers clothing of such brands like Atmosphere, Authentic Apparel, Limited Edition, Denim Co. Within kidswear lines there is a selection of products from Young Dimension, Girl 2 Girl, Little Rebel, Early Days. Opia is a brand dealing with accessories. Primark stores also sell cosmetics, different goods for bedding, kitchen accessories, towels, cushions and curtains. Merchandise from such brands like Disney and Warner Brothers are also available in the Primark Stores.