Sequin dresses: what is it, accessories and rules

Sequin dresses: what is it, accessories and rules


Sequins are spectacular elements that confer an extravagant note to any outfit. One of the novelties of this fashion season is that you can wear them during daytime, too. Precious fabrics have assaulted the street fashion over the last seasons. With the help of sequins, you can have a more flamboyant look, but be careful how you dose it. As you know, less is more, so do not exaggerate. Sequins instantly attract the attention, and you can easily form a vulgar appearance. If you wear a short sequin dress during the day, for instance, do not wear heels.

The sequin trend has remained in the designers’ attention; they propose sparkling accents for the following season, as well. They are probably aware of the fact that, starting from the famous parties of the 80’s until today, nothing has created more glamorous looks than sequin dresses. Famous divas of the 80’s like Jerry Hall, Debbie harry or Bianca Jagger knew this very well when they were wearing golden sequin dresses or long sequin skirts at exclusivist parties in Studio 54.

Sequin dresses

Sequins and designers

The success of the sequin trend is owed to Balmain fashion house. Its outfits are amongst the most copied on the fashion market. It all started when Decarnin, the house designer, has taken over sequins from the dance floor and placed them within the elite, using them for extremely elaborate couture creations. His rock-glam style can be observed this season, as well.

Closer to the disco look, Dolce & Gabbana proposes party dresses with turquoise, silver or golden sequins. Italian designers come up with a new idea – that of introducing sequin jackets in our daily wardrobe. This is something for the most daring, though. Vivienne Westwood points out an exuberant look with golden sequins, as well.


The first thing you need to know about accessorizing sequin dresses is that you must avoid intricate and loaded accessories. The advice is to wear minimalist jewelry. The most amazing sequin dresses are the long-sleeved ones, so bracelets are out of the equation; so are necklaces. Still, you can experiment with earrings. The most suitable choice is represented by diamond earrings, but you can add some feather earrings just as well.

Sequin dresses

When you pick shoes, remember that sparkling models are too much. You only want the dress to stand out, and nothing to ruin its effect. Opt for nude models, because you can’t go wrong. Sandals are also a right choice. High heels are definitely a must during the night. Makeup should be clean and neutral. When it comes to bags, a minimalist clutch is the best option.


Long sequin dresses should not be worn during the day. A head-to-toe sequin outfit is only appropriate for evening events. Thus, sequin dresses are perfect for cocktail parties, for New Year Eve’s night, for important festive ceremonies or for the red carpet. When you wear them, leave any statement accessory at home; you do not want to look like a disco ball.

When purchasing, make sure sequins are sewn one by one; otherwise, if you break one, all of them will fall. Such clothes have to be manually washed, but first test a sequin to see if color does not fade.

Some women might think sequin dresses are not appropriate for them or for their age, but sequins are no longer only associated with luxury or partying. A middle-aged woman can successfully make an elegant impact even if she is wearing a long sequin dress. For a more subtle look, navy blue and black sequins are more indicated. However, women who are not afraid of being in the center of attention should try powerful colors. Since sequin dresses are somewhat sassy, they can definitely make a woman seem confident and full of attitude, so they should be embraced by all ladies.