Superhero Baby Onesie

Superhero Baby Onesie


Superhero Baby OnesieOnesies are and have been for ages now all kids favorite. This is due to the comfort they offer to the infants. High quality material, spot on designs and excellent finish is exactly what you get at the Deltas Dazzling Costumes.

Make your child look adorable in this onesie depicting the strong all-girl look for head to toe. A member of the Justice league and the warrior Princess of Amazons, one woman is the ideal women for your infant. This comfort suit is in a combination of red and yellow color. With a blue skirt attached to the waistline and hair band to go with it, your child is fully suited up for the day. A pair of boots also comes with the package to warm up the feet and add the finishing touch to the onesie.

The Superhero baby costume is licensed by the DC Comic costumes. Available in a soft texture to suit your infant’s smooth skin, the onesie is made of high quality fabric. Dress up your child in this beautiful costume of super natural power and make her feel and look like the princess she is. The Superhero baby onesie is available in the sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. With the Dazzling Costume onesie, you are all set to face the day ahead. Shop with us to get your perfect outfit.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab one the most fabulous onesie in the clothing line. Buy your favorite onesie now!