Supergirl Baby Onesie

Supergirl Baby Onesie


Supergirl Baby OnesieThe first option of clothing for your child is the Onesie. Created to provide a cosy feel to your child, it is made of very high quality fabric, designer design and classy finish made available at the Dazzling Costumes.

Pink is the color of any pretty girl. Get the feminine touches added with the Super girl costume going all-pink just for your new born daughter. All the way from the Krypton, supergirl is superman’s cousin and the perfect girl with awesome super cool powers. This comfort suit comes in the all-pink color to give the girly look. The supergirl costume also has the skirt round the waist and matching hair band. The booties that is available with the package keeps your girl warm in winter and chill nights. Go all out with the Supergirl Baby Onesie.

The Supergirl baby onesie is licensed by the DC Comic costumes. Made of the finest fabric to suit your child’s tender skin, the onesie is stitched with comfortable fabric. Dress up your child with this onesie with ease and comfort using the zip. The onesie can be worn on your infant without must strain. The Supergirl onesie is made available in two sizes fit or your infant girl: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. With the Dazzling Costume Onesie, you look perfect for a day outside your house for mother-daughter bondage.

Grab you onesie now. The Supergirl onesies are most popular among infant girls and are fast selling out. Buy one for your princess as well!