Batman Baby Onesie

Batman Baby Onesie


Batman Baby OnesieOnesies are the most popular kids wear. The reason for their popularity is the comfort that they provide the infants.  Made of good quality fabric, top-notch design and perfect finish, this costume adds pride to the Dazzling Costume family.

Bring out the hero in your child with the ‘knight of dark’ look of heroism that suits your child. A member and the person who leads the Justice league, the Batman Onesie is the best costume representing valor and strength. Available in the combination of black and blue, the batman sign is engraved in the chest. It also comes with a hat that shaped to represent bat ear s and a pair of booties to warm your infant’s feet. The man in the night comes to life with the perfect costume with your child.

The Batman baby costume is licensed by the DC Comic Costumes. Stitched in the softest of fabric, this costume gives the tender skin of your infant comfort and luxury. Put on the costume of Batman baby onesie ideal for your son to learn the value of integrity and valor that comes with him in the years to come. The Batman Baby Onesie comes in two different sizes namely, 0-6 months and 6-12 months. The Dazzling Costume is the perfect place to shop for your child. With the Batman onesie, you are ready to face the day.

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