Welcome to New Look UK

Welcome to New Look UK


There’s plenty of competition out the on the UK high street. It’s not quite a battleground yet, although it can feel like that when you head down on a bright Saturday morning and run the gauntlet of over-stuffed bags, over-loaded prams and just the plain hung-over. We still do it though, don’t we? I guess it must be worth it, well, with New Look; I know it is.

Get your geek on

Geek chic has spread across the country and has evolved from an alternative hipster fad, the preserve of uber-cool students and the erupting world of new media, to what it is now; one of the biggest over-riding trends of the last 3 years. That’s not to say there’s not space left for the brash, bright and in-your-face but cute and classy are winning out.

The New Look UK new look

Polka dots, pastel shades, simple prints and high neck lines are the queens of the current New look line. The Polka dot never really goes out of style but it’s back with a vengeance; no doubt the Mark Jacobs and Yayoi Kusama collaboration for Louis Vitton had a heavy hand in that one. The palette’s been softened towards the pastel end too, adding a classicness (and a classiness) to the range. That said, there’s plenty of choice available if you’ve been watching American Idol and want to indulge your inner Nicki Minaj.

New Look UK

For all of you that love a cute animal video on Youtube, and let’s be honest that’s all of us, there are loads of lovely animal prints. I’m not talking about leopard skin or zebra stripes but silhouettes of cats and repeated butterfly shapes. The neck lines are up so it’s the shape of the clothes, showing off your best bits, that’ll be turning heads, rather than the typical reasons. Coming with this are some sweet little lace collars, as well as some pretty detailing on a variety of tops and knitwear.

Kelly Brook’s added spark

Hiding beneath all this though, is something that definitely isn’t geeky or nerdy or shy or retiring. Do you know what that is? You got it; the Kelly Brook lingerie. Inspired by 1950s glamour, Kelly has collaborated with New Look once again to produce some serious sexy underwear. Reds and blacks, those devilish colours, are what we want and what we get. The simple satins are very true to their era, you could see Miss Monroe in the navy and white striped high waisted briefs and balconette bra. As for the red satin and lace Brazilian briefs, I’m not sure if they’re very 50s but I know what effect they’d have on a fella, whatever decade he was from.

What’s in store for the stores?

With some 600 plus stores across the UK, which is far higher than many of the other major clothing retailers, I think it’s a good guess that you’re never far from a New Look, so you’ve really got no excuse not to pop in for a quick visit. Especially now that they’re revamping a lot of the stores. High Wycombe has had a sprinkling of magic dust and now so has 500 Oxford Street. It’s got a broad, glamorous staircase on the corner of a block that invites you up, pulling in shoppers. It’s bright and open inside and it’s really well signposted, so it’s easy to get about. The footwear department at the back really stands out, no pun intended of course.