New Look clothing and fashion style

New Look clothing and fashion style


With the gift of civilization came a huge price. Among several other variables of judging a man, yet another one was born. People started noticing each other’s outfits, complementing or criticizing them and actually analyzing the personalities on that basis. This has been a practice since the medieval times when only a little variety of cloth was available. Women competed with one another for expensive and extravagant fabrics of that time like silks and chiffons, showing off at parties and in market places. Different colors were worn with trend towards lighter shades in the summers and darker ones during the winter. In addition, the outfits were also determined by the occasion, for example an outfit worn at a party was totally different in style and color from the one born on a funeral.

Despite the previous beliefs about women being more clothing conscious than men, the recent trend has shown men to be equally involved. Male gender is no doubt a lot more ‘practical’ than the females, and has been regarded that way since ages, men of today have started to look after their physical attire and change it according to the changing trends, which according to a study shift every 60 years or so. Ironically and miraculously, every fashion is thought to be repeated after roughly 60 years, look around and you’ll notice that you are probably wearing exactly what your grandma wore in her youth!

What is Fashion?

The term fashion is literally known by every living soul. It is regarded as a particular style which is followed by a large population, usually a country or two or sometimes even the entire world. It is largely used for body artifacts like jewelry, foot ware and outfits. Outfits are an integral component of fashion which is largely based on the way a person dresses. They are available in a variety of styles including both long and short outfits. The manufacturing materials used nowadays are of innumerable types varying from extremely expensive pure forms to cheap and economical mixed varieties. The type of material used for stitching is basically governed by the extent of a person’s economic status. However, type of outfit and of course the occasions are two other integral factors which dictate the terms and conditions for an excellent finished look.

New Look clothing

Your dress is the first thing which gets noticed every time you arrive in public. Hence, in order to stay up to date and trendy, you need to dress according to the requirements of the day. It’s nothing to worry about though because sometimes the trends are so flexible and the new look clothing can be worn almost at every occasion. For example, in the present year 2013, every type of outfit can be found in boutiques ranging from long frilly gowns to body hugging tops.

Clothing tips for men:

Men have become unusually more aware of their dressing and fashion styles and many are seen sticking to them indefinitely. Though not previously regarded so important, the outfit of a man has tremendous impact on a woman’s mind. Anyone who dresses in baggy jeans and torn or glazed tees while roaming around on heavy bikes will leave the impression of being a bad-boy who may not really be trustworthy. Likewise, a boy with backpack will be ranked as a nerd, a man with spectacles and tie may be regarded as a lawyer or businessman and so forth.

As opposed to the general idea, fashion trends for men do change with equal frequency as they do for women. Also, male clothing trends are not at all boring or dull, rather bold colors are in this year. Tired of wearing the same old grays and blacks? Well now is the time to change your wardrobe! Go grab new look clothing in every single color you had always fantasized about. Fit into an orange trouser or parrot green tees and no one with even a pinch of fashion sense will question your look. Buy a fancy shirt with birds or other unusual stuff sketched on it, wear patterns, be radiant and confident, experiment with fashion and new trends in this colorful new era and get noticed and praised anywhere and everywhere.

According to male fashion magazines, blazers and velvet double-breasts are the new look of 2013. So before the winter runs away, get yourself a good short blazer and walk around with an aura of style and elegance. Get rid of slim trousers and fit into a more airy version instead. Enhance the hotness of your personalities by army motif coats and short-sleeved shirts.

Clothing tips for women:

Here’s good news for all you ladies: you don’t need to swab your wardrobe complete with a recently updated boutique! It’s because the year 2013 is a versatile opening in the field of fashion. Literally anything and everything can be worn with ease. Though the recent trend is towards long and baggy shorts, in very bright colors and all sorts of unique motifs (birds, bus, faces, etc.), if you don’t have enough cash to spend on new outfits, plow through your store and look for old outfits. Many of the old ones are as good as new and should be definitely worn these days, for they will give you a new and different look. So even if you find a 30” shirt with an extra baggy Patiala Shalwar, take a deep breath and go for it!

Velvet blazers are in fashion again and is one of the most important elements of new look clothing! Grab one before the season changes! Wear flowery and bright tees at home or at pajama parties and look trendy even in casual attire!

New Look clothing and fashion style

Quick tips to get an instant new look:

  1. Wear something different from your usual colors; go for bolds if you are into lighter shades and vice versa.
  2. If in dress shirt, put in a zipper and keep it hanging open for a casual air.
  3. Unbutton the top button of your blouse and switch the jeans under it with a mini skirt or vice versa.
  4. Spray paint on old tees, experiment with any color you like.
  5. Pull on a hood over the shirt if you have to run to a friend’s place right from work or college.
  6. Take a wrap, in a contrasting shade to the shirt, around your shoulders for an elegant and unique finish.