Beginning of New Look sale, don’t miss it

Beginning of New Look sale, don’t miss it


The winter nights are still long and cold and the possibility of waking up to a sea of snow, with no way of getting to work, is all most people have to look forward to. The only thing lower than your oomph to get out of bed is the level of your bank balance. So, what can we do about it? How can we pull ourselves, maybe a little reluctantly, out of the slump? Get thee to a New Look.

Don’t step on my blue suede shoes

First up; January blues means January shoes, maybe even blue suede ones at that. There’s no messing about here, no flim flam, dainty little pieces that’ll dissolve in the first puddle but plenty of sassy, chunky heels and wedges. There are a few studs and bow but on the whole, the simple, classic shapes do the talking. The price tags also speak for themselves, to the point where if you bought just one pair, you’d be doing yourself an injustice.

Jean genie

It’s still jeans weather (although, when is it not?) so a half priced pair of slender bootcut denims will keep your legs in slick style from hip to toe. If you don’t fancy too much glam, New Look’s “boyfriend” jeans aren’t too much more expensive than actually stealing a pair off your man. Black Jeggings for the price of a bottle of wine seem too good to miss.

New Look sale

OK computer

If you don’t fancy the big bad world, with its slippery roads and its chilly winds, then stay in your onesie, pop the fire on and snuggle up with your laptop. The online highlights, for me, were a Voi charcoal funnel neck hooded sweater, a couple of seriously fun John Zack dresses and a Firetrap white Lucy printed tee.

The Voi hoodie is a proper girl’s hoodie for once! It would be all too much grey if it weren’t for the cute red trim, especially around the front pockets. The funnel neck gives it a touch of catwalk glamour as well. As for the two dresses, one was a geeky skater dress that could have been plucked out of ZooeyDeschanel’s wardrobe, and the other was just as bold as they come; tight, chain print, leopard print, floral, in your face and, dare I say, a touch of Sharon Stone 80s to it. Both having around 50% knocked off is about as big a bonus as you could ask for. As for the Firetrap tee, almost 30% shaved off the price, to have a piece of edgy, urban cool, screaming out from the wardrobe; “Wear me! Wear me!”

The great escape

For the ultimate piece of escapism, really leaving January behind you, let’s think about bikinis. Maybe it’s for those distant summer month or perhaps your one of the sensible few who shoot off around the planet, searching sunshine and cocktails while us fools remain behind. Bikinis have burst into detail right now, with beads and ruffles and floral print and a whole host of warm, glowing colours (avoiding garishness, of course). It’s no bad thing to start planning for the beach now, whether you’re trying to diet your way into something or just to have a little reminder that the sun will indeed return.

You got the look

So, whether you need that extra piece in your wardrobe right now or your one of the super smart who wants to get a deal for something you know you’ll want a few months down the line, you know where to go. New Look sale, when I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever want to go outside again, my lord you made me believe so.