Multi Color Kaftan by K-Dash

Multi Color Kaftan by K-Dash


Multi Color Kaftan by K-DashKaftans maxi is easy to carry and perfect attire for any formal dinner, party or function. Whether it’s an evening party or an event at night you can utilize K-Dash kaftans maxi and look different and gorgeous as well. These kaftans are created to fulfill the need of those entire customers who want to look trendy and fashionable in affordable clothes. The K-Dash kaftans maxi is suitable for all age groups. Therefore you fancy it in a wedding function or a get together, it will look equally good and classy. The multi color fabric makes it useful for day time parties well. No matter which season is going on this maxi kaftans is ready to wear in every season.

The slip with the kaftans is removable hence you can wear this kaftans with a fancy slip or with simple plain slip as per your function or occasion you need to attend. Just a little bit of amendment will make it look entirely different.

The fit of kaftans is not very tight. It gives you a comfortable feel and is slightly semi fitted so that it gives your body a simple look with an element of prettiness. The kaftan is made up of 100 percent polyester. Only one fabric is used in its manufacturing which makes it easy to handle and wash.

The kaftan is washable in machine. Hence one doesn’t need to make an effort from bare hands to get it washed. It needs tumble dry after washing.