Dash V-Neck Tank Top

Dash V-Neck Tank Top


Dash V-Neck Tank TopTank top comes under casual clothing. Every girl prefers to wear tank tops at home because these are stylish and comfortable. The loose fit gives the person a very relaxing feel. You may keep it for daily use or for university or college wear. It goes well with pair of jeans or simple long or short skirts. Hence tank tops are versatile and fashionable at the same time.

K-Dash where design clothes for formal and party wear at the same time has got great stuff to fulfill the need of those who are looking for casual clothing and daily wear. Sleeveless V Neck tank tops are one of the best in the collection of K-Dash casual line of clothing. The colors are neutral which makes it easy for you to either choose denim shorts skits pants to carry it along with. Whether its winter or summer, tank tops are also in demand. In summers you may wear this K-Dash sleeveless V Neck tank top with shorts or miniskirts where as in winters you may utilize it as inner. Hence it’s a multipurpose top.

One won’t regret to have K-Dash tank top in her wardrobe as it’s a symbol of style which is comforting and easy to wear. Material used in its manufacturing is cotton viscose and rayon. He back of this tank top is printed. This is just to add some artistic look to the design. The top is easily washable in machine. You may wash it as many times as you want without any fear of fading colors or loose stitches.