Dash Printed Tie Neck Caftan

Dash Printed Tie Neck Caftan


Dash Printed Tie Neck CaftanAt times women wish to wear an easy dress. Specially if you are in a warm place, you would want to wear a loose dress in which you can feel easy and comfortable. If any one of you is looking for a loose dress which you want to wear in summers, when the climate is hot, or you are at a beach then getting K-Dash’s Printed tie with Caftan is a must go for shirt.

It is a chiffon material shirt. It is very loose and easy to wear shirt. I think this is the right thing you are looking for. It only comes into the market in one color and print. The color combination is worth loving. There is a large space for arms.

It does not only give you movement, it also gives you the colours and a great option when you are travelling. It is a very practical dress when you are on a cruise or a journey. The material has crinkles in it which means you do not need to iron. It’s an easy to wash material.

The ribbon like tie is the feature that is there to give this shirt a marvellous look. The shirts are long and wavy. It must be noted that it is not just a shirt for fat ladies even skinnier ladies can wear it. The wavy hem is there to give it a good seem.

You can wear this with your loose trousers or slacks. You can wear slippers or sandals.