Dash Animal print tunic with sequin detail

Dash Animal print tunic with sequin detail


Dash Animal print tunic with sequin detailEvery lady wants her closet to be filled with wardrobe, and every woman whether she is a house wife, or a business woman wants herself to be well dressed. Ladies! You will be glad to have this shirt, and yes this is about K-dash’s Animal print tunic with sequin detail. You can wear it in several different ways and at various occasions. Right now there are two available colours, the brown tiger and the grey tiger.

The colour combination is unbelievable; it’s a fantastic animal print with right amount of colours. The colour combination gives the shirt a marvellous look. Pin tucking right around the collar gives this shirt a perfect fit on whosoever wearing it.

It is available in all the sizes. The edgy amount of rectangular sequin on the shoulder straps is a feature of this shirt. The edgy work of sequin throws shine at night and shimmers during the glooming day and gives it a perfect look.  Furthermore, the shoulder padding underneath the straps make the shirt fit you perfectly. These shoulders straps can be strapped out.

This shirt gives you killer looks. You can rock his shirt with blazer or a leather jacket on top. It can be worn with skinny tight jeans or a skirt. Wearing heals would really give those killer looks. But no matter how you wear it, it will work with every situation and occasion.

Those who have bought this have found it to be a perfect addition to their wardrobe collection and loved the fitting of this shirt.