Dash Leather Vest

Dash Leather Vest


Dash Leather VestVest is beautiful, fabulous and sophisticated. Leather is a style statement. Add the both in one place and yes, have the perfection at one place in the shape of this gorgeous and womanly Kardashian leather vest. This is specially designed for the women who seek perfection at every cost. It looks elegant on all type of women with any type of bodies and skin color. The brown color is a rich color which can go with any colored pants or trousers. The design is simple yet chic. The small and simple detailing are so wonderfully handled that it gives a nice overall impression in terms of quality and appearance. The arm holes are large enough to put it on with other long sleeves sweaters in the fall.

The front look is trendy and elegant. It doesn’t get loose like other ordinary ones. Also, it doesn’t smell like leather. The quality justifies the price. It’s a perfect fit for any type of body if choose well in accurate size. Otherwise it might annoy you with its bad and hanging or loose fit. So watch out closely for the sizes.  You will just fall in love with it as its made is fabulous and perfect. The collar shape is very in and lovely the zip is of good quality and won’t get wasted. The length of this leather vest is chic.

So, go grab yourself one as you won’t be getting one like this in other stores. It’s a true feminine leather vest that will not only make you feel like a star but also a classy woman.