Dash Fancy Bolero

Dash Fancy Bolero


Dash Fancy BoleroFancy boleros are one of the most attractive clothing lines for those who prefer wearing simple clothes but just to make the dress look a little more fancy and according to occasions use boleros. Fancy boleros can be worn on any outfit and they can transform simple dress into classy elegant semi formal or formal outfit. K-Dash has also designed sequin bolero to cater the need of those customers who like to go for simple clothing and just to add colors as well as fancy look. They take support of fancy boleros rather than having heavy dresses with embellishments.

The biggest advantage to have this K-Dash bolero is it can go with any color suit as the color of sequin and the entire bolero is neutral. It will look good with dark colors you may wear it in the evening or night and confidently walk in any party, dinner, event, wedding or club. It is designed in a way that you get maximum comfort while carrying it. The sequins are crafted so well that they do not create any irritation on your skin in fact the lining of the bolero is made up of fine material so that it gets easier for customers to handle and wear it.

Since the item is delicate and it has got sequin ornamentation on it you need to be very much careful while washing it. Try not to wash it after every time you wear it. Either dry clean it or wash it by bare hands so that the sequin work remains as it is and the look of the attire doesn’t change.