Cropped Vest with Python Print Zip by K-Dash

Cropped Vest with Python Print Zip by K-Dash


Cropped Vest with Python Print Zip by K-DashK-Dash design clothes for masses. Keep in mind that the dresses are fashionable and trendy as well. The clothes should be designed in a manner that they always add freshness to the look of the user. The clothes by K-Dash are exciting and desirable. The unique cuts and new additions of small details which completely change look of simple clothes is the specialty of K-Dash. Among such fine attires K-Dash zipped front vest is in top of the line.

The vest has a unique look as it is cropped in terms of length. This short vest looks excellent with long tops and straight pants. You may wear it with plain t-shirt and denim to give it a causally look. Whereas if you are planning for a party you may utilize this short vest with any fancy top and skirt. Hence the edge that K-Dash has got in its design is the versatility of clothes.

Like majority of pieces by K-Dash this short vest is also casual well as formal. All depend on how you carry it and what combination you take with this vest. The advantage is the dependence of style and look. You may define your own style statement and can experiment with your look with the help of this trendy piece of clothing. Mocha color is available which is a neutral color and can go with majority of colors. It will suit best with dark tops and blouses.

The material used in the manufacturing of short vest is shell, spandex, trim, cotton and polyester. The lining is also made up of polyester. Hence it’s comfortable to wear and fits on your body smartly as there is a zipper given in the front so that you may adjust the fittings as per need.